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    Cooking Simplified


    Just needed something that would make quicker work of squeezing oranges or lemons. I just cut the fruit in half, put one half cut side down on the spindle, put cover on and push down. Machine takes over and you just hold cover on fruit until all juice is out. So easy to clean up with soap and water or parts can go in dishwasher if you want. I really like it.

    This is the best kitchen gadget that I have ever bought. It makes it super easy to cook your steaks to more over or undercooked meat ever again. I use it to make my own yogurt. 5 minutes to put the ingredients together, set it & forget about it until it is done. Super easy to use. Just need a deep pot so everything can be submerged. You can even set it in a plastic tote in your sink. The recipe book gives you some basic info, but download the Joule app & it takes your cooking to a whole new level.

    I love this thing! I was living out of my car for about a month with a solar panel and portable power station, and this adorable and convenient kettle allowed me to easily have hot water any time I wanted. I love that there's no separate base, and the silicon rings that make it collapsible are helpful water-level markers. Easy to clean and dry too. It's perfect!

    The first morning after I drank the water I woke I felt great. The best sleep in years. I went to wake up my daughter who had also drank the water with me, and she said that she slept really well too. I feel less aches and stiffness as well. I will continue drinking this hydrated water ….. Thanks to this price I think everybody should have it!

    Works great! Love It ! Love It! Love It!👍

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